Monday, October 22, 2012

Mission Greece Reflection

It's been about a week since I got back from mission trip Greece and I wanted to write a post-trip recap and review.

First, I was a bit bummed that I didn't have the capability or time to do more blogging, photos, and videos while in Greece. It just was what it was.

This was truly an incredible trip! I think we saw God do some things that were huge and not always what we had planned on.

Main task: seed sowing and gospel distribution.
We weren't the first team to go to Greece. Other teams had gone in previous years and we were truly building upon the foundation and ground that they had plowed up in previous years. Our strategy was mass distribution of an evangelistic website via cards, fliers, and wrist bands. We had about 7000 total pieces to get out. Based on previous trips, that amount would take about 5 days to distribute because people are very reluctant to take anything.
This year was different. We distributed our supplies in about a day and half! God was really opening people up. The cards and bracelets had a message about "hope" and people were literally chasing us down to get a hold of these things. It was amazing! Now, not everyone took one, we got rejected plenty, but the fact that we saw the whole supply disappear so soon was truly remarkable.
The evangelistic website was tracked. After we returned we learned that there were 1050 unique households that visited the website. That is an amazing return! I pray that God will water that seed that was sown and that lives would be changed by the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Second task: sports ministry/clinics
The afternoons were planned to do a basketball clinic. Well, that didn't work out the way we planned, but God had another plan. We ended up getting to do some pic-up basketball games, teach american football, and play soccer with a bunch of people. We rotated between two main courts playing and sharing Christ until it was too dark to do it anymore.
This was another incredible thing God did. Team members got to meet and build relationships with many Greeks--younger and older. We got to share Christ with a bunch of people. I was trying to figure out how many, but we didn't keep tabs -- it was a bunch.
One of our team members got to share Christ with a guy after playing some hoops. The guy asked, "Why are yall here from America?" Nick says, "to tell you about hope." The guy says, "I don't have any hope, tell me more." After going through the gospel, Andrew respond by placing his faith in Christ. Incredible!

After we had passed out all of our supplies we were wondering what to do next. How can we maximize the impact of the seed sown. Well, God supplied an answer. It wasn't what we had expected or planned, but something happened in that community and the entire neighborhood was buzzing about us and the bracelets. It was truly God ordained.

That is just a snap shot of the week. I barely scratched the surface and didn't even go in detail about visiting ancient Thessalonika, the ruins of Philippi were Paul was beaten and imprisoned, and the actual site of the baptism of Lydia. (read Acts 16-17)

What an incredible week! I praise God that I was able to be a part of His mission to reach people with the love of Christ. I ask that you please pray for the people of Greece--they are in desperate need of the hope that only the true gospel of Jesus can bring.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Team Greece

It's been a great week! I haven't had the opportunity or capability to do more blogging or post videos-just the way it is.

We spent several days working long days. Some things we planned, some we did not- but everything was orchestrated by The Lord.

The mornings were spent canvassing the neighborhoods passing out fliers and bracelets that had a message of hope and a web address that people could go to. That website had the gospel of hope in Jesus.

We had about 6 thousands pieces to get out. Past teams had not been able to get it all out. We were able to in record time. Why? Your prayers, Gods grace, previous work here, who knows? The bracelets became a huge hit. Everyone wanted one.

The afternoons we went to some courts and parks to play sports. We encountered lots of kids, teens, and adults. We taught them American football, played basketball and soccer, and shared with them. This took us all the way till dinner around 9 pm.

It's hard to describe the incredible things The Lord did. This will sound vague, but it was truly a work of God. Lives were changed, seed was sown, the gospel lived out and shared, the enemy reared up, God was victorious, and hope was delivered.

What a privilege to be called a child of God and see His kingdom advance.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Made It

I just arrived at my hotel in Athens. I am tired, but glad to be here. The hotel is walking distance from the ancient Athens acropolis-look it up. I also got to share the gospel with another cab driver.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Leaving For Greece: Take 2

My flight yesterday got cancelled due to some mechanical problem. That puts me a day behind, but no big problem. I did spend 5 hours at the DFW airport and went no where. I ended up taking a taxi home. On the ride I got to share the gospel with the Muslim cab driver. Pray for Ali.

I am now scheduled to fly out of dfw at 6pm, stop in London, and then to Athens. I'll get there, Lord willing, at 5:40 pm Athens time on Saturday.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Leaving For Greece-Kinda

Well, I'm pumped about heading to Greece to share Christ. I got to the airport to start the first leg of the journey. The flight was a bit delayed, then we boarded, pulled out from the gate and then pulled back in to the gate. They called the mechanics and now I'm just sitting here waiting. Oh we'll, you never know what these trips might bring. At least I get some good Bible reading time in.